A little about us

Meeker Mansion is a 17 room Italianate Victorian Mansion. Ezra was 60 years old and the house was built for he and his wife. Ezra Meeker tool his wife, Eliza Jane, along for a hop selling trip to England. She was presented to Queen Victoria and became smitten with some of the finer things in life. Ezra was quite contented with his log-cabin life, but agreed that his wife could have such a house if she wanted--and could pay for it. This is the house that Eliza Jane Meeker built and retained title to. The house was designed by Farrell and Darmer, Architects, of Tacoma, Washington. It took three years to build and was finished by 1890. The Meekers lived here about 20 years, until Mrs. Meeker died in 1909. After Mrs. Meeker died Mr. Meeker left the house.

News & Events

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June 18th, 19th, & 20th - Meeker Days is helping celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Meeker Mansion and so are we.

June 19th - Our annual pancake breakfast kicks things off. Enjoy sourdough pancakes with some country ham. From 9am - noon.

July 4th - Enjoy an old fashioned 4th of July social with a hot dog in one hand, a glass of lemonade in the other and sitting on the grass listening to some good old music. Could anything be better? The event starts at 3 pm to 5 pm.

August 14th - The Great American Yard Sale is back. One man's junk is another man's treasure. If you can't find it here you can't find it anywhere. From 9am to 4pm. Remember to visit the farmer's market and downtown Puyallup to round out the day.

September 11th - Psychic Fair #2 is here in search of the answers you were looking for.

October 9th - Cider Squeeze. The annual squeezing of apples is here. Get a pumpkin and some fresh squeezed cider. Fun for the whole family.

Christmas Season - November 26th thru December 31st - Lots of activities and lots of holiday fun. It's all here at the Mansion.

ATTENTION! The mansion is available durning our closure by special arrangement for various group functions, graduations, birthdays, showers, weddings and Victorian Teas with a two-week advance notice.

** Please Note: No strollers are allowed in the Mansion**